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How To Develop Your Own Fashion Style

Is your New Year resolution is to become more fashionable? Or to develop your own style?

Here are some tips!

  1. Create a Pinterest Board

Start saving outfits that you like. That's one way to tell what your fashion style is. Do you save mostly dark preppy outfits? Do you save bright y2k style outfits? Or are you a mixture? Pinterest also does a good job of suggesting similar pieces so you can buy them.

  1. Don't Ask for Others Opinions

You may think this is crazy but hear me out. Imagine going to the mall with your mom. Say more than half the items you pointed out she didn't like. More than likely if someone you know says a clothing piece is ugly, you probably won't buy it. Most people aren't going to find every outfit you wear cute. That's why if you find it cute, that should be all that matters.

  1. Be Experimental

This step will follow the 'Not asking others opinion' topic. Because now you're likely to try clothing items you would never consider. You can't have your own style by only wearing what's trendy. It's totally ok to follow trends but if that's the only thing you do then you look like everyone else. If you see something pretty but it's not trendy, try it.

Let me know if these were helpful.

-- Sequerstin


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