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Y2K Fashion Resurges Low-Rise Jeans| A Nightmare

Infamous Low Rise Jeans

Famous Tracksuit. Crop Top / Cargos

Y2K Fashion

2000's fashion definitely had some timeless clothing pieces such as cargo pants, the cute crop tops, and the juicy track suits. And it also had cringy graphic tees. But for the most part it was a very colorful and experimental era that gave us many iconic looks.

The High of Low-Rise

One style of bottoms that reigned supreme in the 2000s were low-rise anything: jeans, skirts, shorts, skorts, long skirts, mini-skirts you name it. They were cute...if you were skinny and pretty.

For those of us who had a little more dare I say fat on us, low-rise jeans weren't seen as cute. You didn't have to be overweight unfortunately. All it took was a lil more fat stored in your stomach and you'd have a muffin top.That's how unflattering those jeans were. Oh, and don't dare have a muffin top and wear mid-rise shirt/crop top, you would face so much scrutiny. That's why many are thankful for the rise (literally) of high-waisted bottoms and never looking back. Ignoring the low-rise trend.

Though I'm smaller now, I'm still not a fan of low-rise bottoms. I disapprove of how it made me feel back then, made others feel back then and how it makes others feel now. It's only considered flattering on one body type.

Resurgence of Low-Rise, the Nightmare

It's no surprise that the popularity of low-rise jeans has surged. It's popular because of who's wearing it and their body type which I believe that's who they're meant for. And that's really who we continue to see popularize it. No woman with a non ideal body type would get as much as attention. If they did, it wouldn't be for a positive reason.

Don't think I'm being a hater. I never said it wasn't cute. It's just a reminder of how the world designs clothings with a certain body type in mind.

Let me know what you think.

no shade to Bella


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